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Are you noticing wrinkles on your face? Do you notice a tired look when your face is at rest? If you are interested in facial rejuvenation, come in for a consultation with the doctor. You will fill out a specific questionnaire on the day of consultation. We will discuss your needs and expectations in facial rejunvenation with Botox cosmetic, facial fillers, and superficial facial chemical peels with VIVITÉ® products. Prescriptions for Latisse (which lengthens and thickens the eye lashes) can be given upon request. Verbal and written instructions for pre- and post-treatment procedures will be provided.

For more information, please check the following website:

Download a copy of the pre-treatment instructions: Botox | Dermal Filler
Download a copy of the post-treatment instructions: Botox | Dermal Filler

Please print the following coupon and get $25 off your purchase of the VIVITÉ® Vibrance Collection (the VIVITÉ® Vibrance Therapy and the VIVITÉ® Vibrance Décolleté Therapy) at our office.